demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

"Female Free Orgasms"

I just got a spam informing me that they could provide me with "Female Free Orgasms".

In spite of its youthful glow and smiling expression, my FFO face is getting mighty warn out. No, I think I'd much rather have Female Laden Orgasms or Female Facilitated Orgasms or the mighty, mighty FAFSCHMO! (Fro and Female Simultaneous Cock Hammering Multiple Orgasms!)

Yes, multiple male orgasms are a bit much to ask for, but when you make a wish, wish big. Besides, anything sexy, by adding the word schmo to it, 50 million times sexier.

Hell, at this point, the whole "O" thing is "O"ptional. If I could find labia to lick, I think I would be most satisfied.

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