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Ghost-fro-syndrome - demi0urgos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ghost-fro-syndrome [Jul. 26th, 2006|11:31 am]
The most interesting thing just happened to me not 5 minutes ago.

I saw a woman with great braided hair. Since I've been going to Burning Man, I've wanted to go with my hair in braids. Less muss, no fuss, ya know? So I started to walk up to her. I was going to ask her where she got it done because I, too, wanted braids. I envisioned myself with a crown of long, thick tendrils dangling from my head. Alas, before I took my second step, I realized that I no longer had hair to braid.

Very odd. Quite odd.

I should have asked her anyway. It would have been a funny convo.