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Working for Teh Man!

So, I have a whole week off from B.R.A.F. before the event starts.

I won't bother to list the things I have to get done, but I will gladly list the things I am looking forward to.

First, costumes!

Costume 1
Pimpedness like no one has seen before. The shirt is INSANELY colored. The pants are covered in black and white stars dyed in the fabric! I need to acquire gold chains and maybe funky shoes, but as of now I have a pimp costume that will out shine a burning man.

Costume 2
Dancewear. I know, most of you are saying, "fro, that ain't a costume" but considering I have never worn this shit before, count it! I've got some flash silvery material shirt that's very light and airy. I am thinking that might be my E shirt. The pants that go with it are silvery polyurethane. It has a hole in the ass from the previous owner that I need to repair. I have a tent patch kit for that.

Costume 3
Prosti-tot outfit. I have a pink spaghetti strap top, some short shorts (not short enough to expose my junk) pink fuzzy socks, and pink fuzzy slippers. On the shorts I am going to iron on with white letters "HAIRY" or some other crazy slogan. Ditto for the top. If you can think of cool slogans, lemme know!

Costume 4
I have matching leather cuffs and collar, as well as a blindfold and the requisite chains, and I will be lead around on a leash for one day.

There is one small problem; while I am not fat, I could lose some tummy for my costumes. I may be about 20 pounds over weight if you don't count my huge head, my thick neck, and my cyclist's legs. Suffice to say, I am going to a diet for the next week to shed some pounds.

Thanks to Peachy for the help. I am going to eat nothing but spinach and chicken salads. Half a breast a meal. I am going to start taking Creatin supplements to help buff up a bit and help with my work out.

Which brings me to my next point, I am going to work out three times a day. Once after every meal.

Today I kinda began. I've done my cycling, which, in my mind, doesn't count. I moved TONS of crap for BRAF today. I also hauled all my office equipment since this was my last day there, on my back, on my bike. Now, I'm cleaning the floor in my room for dance floor, workout gear, and burning man production.

Yes, I know, I need to post pictures of my tandem. Later.

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