demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

I got*ts* teh pimp ride!

So, I gots this fiend. She's shy. I asked her if she was going to ride with critical tits this year and she said "I don't know" with the "highly unlikely" tone of voice. So I made her a deal. The deal is this:
"If I get a tandem bike, pimp it out, and allow you to blind fold me, collar me, cuff me, and chain me to the back seat, will you go on critical tits with me as your pedal slave?"

She, unwittingly, said yes, because, PFFFFFFFT, how likely is it that that's going to happen, right?

Queue pimp music

That's right, I got*ts* teh pimp ride!

It's a Fiore (nonami) tandem that's about 20+ years old. The frame is in good enough shape, but the other parts are ready for the heap. I'll fix it up after the playa. I made the canvas panels in the frame and laced it up.

I took special care of the basket. Origanally bare metal, I pained it with asphalt paint (the only can of spray paint in the color "demi0urgos orange".) This was a trick because the can of paint only sprayed if you held it upside-down. I then lined the basket with some funky remnants I found at a Joanne's and laced it in place.

Awwwwwwww yeah!

I am working on making lights for my ride using stuff from around the house. The following is the schematic for my bike mounted xmas lights:

I want to paint the flag and the panels as well, but I may not have time. We shall see.

Now, the trick will be fitting that into my Toyota Camery.

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