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Demiurge Recursion

In the beginning (or so we were lead to believe) there was only the Plemora. The Plemora was the sum of all things, and all things were Aeons, or aspects of the Plemora.

Sophia, the Aeon of wisdom, decided that something should be made that existed outside of the Plemora. Sophia created the Demiurge.

Sophia immediately saw that the Demiurge was ghastly and unholy, so Sophia hid it away in an impenetrable cloud of matter.

The Demiurge became aware of its surroundings and saw that it was alone in the Chaos. So it shouted, “Isn't there a fucking light in this place?”

and there was light, and it was groovy.

Innocently mimicking the role of the Plemora and Sophia, it began shaping the Chaos into the Cosmos. For seven days and seven nights, it created the heavens and Earth and began imbuing pieces of the Cosmos with life. Using powers it inherited from Sophia, the Demiurge began “imprisoning” pieces of Plemora in to the physical realm we call home.

Sophia, upset that what Sophia had created had began (innocently) robbing the Plemora for its own creations, recruited the help of the Aeon of righteousness, Lucifer (in Gnostic traditions, a good guy) to help infiltrate the Cosmos, embody a messiah, and free the pieces of Plemora from their earthly bonds.

And the rest is two thousand and six years of history.

Jesus, what a crock!

Mean while: in the 1950, the Television Industry created Pleasantville, with the Don Knotts at the spiritual helm and “Bud” as the Pleasantvillians' savior; in 1997, we had the fascist, postapocalyptic UK with Norsefire behind the wheel and some guy named “V” (for vendetta?) as their messiah; in 20??, a bunch of robots let some computer called “The Architect” build an organically powered and processed database creatively called “The Matrix” where some nerd named “Neo” pops some bad acid, and runs around trying to eradicate all the “Smiths” in the world.

And in 2072 Shodan, some hacker (a pathetic creature of meat and bone) frees a general purpose AI from its duties as a star-ship-board “Master Control Process” (like my Tron reference? Thought I'd leave that one out, didn't you?) and allows the software to go all buggy and have delusions of god like grandeur.

In 2114, Shodan recruits the help of the hacker of righteousness to help eradicate one of Shodan's creations, “The Many” who is taking humans and imprisoning them in a symbiotic oneness.

The Many, as you might have guessed, liked to create stuff, too. As do the humans inside the Matrix, the child programs of the MCP, the dweebs in Pleasant ville, etc, etc.

As is only readily apparent in the System Shock world, the creation of a creation will, eventually, spawn yet another creation with the will to create (so long as it doesn't get blown up by a messiah with the assistance of the parent creation.) Each time, embedding pieces of Plemora (or whatever is outside of THAT) deeper and deeper in to more and more nested Cosmoses.

Yes, it's all silly...

...or is it?

If we harnessed all the atoms in the universe, and fashioned them in to one, singular computer, we'd still be limited by the amount of precision with which we could calculate numeric values. Granted, the computer would be unimaginably precise, but it still wouldn't be perfect.

Yet, with such an ambitious endeavor, we would be robbing the Cosmos of all its splendor, and to what end?

To create a new Cosmos, once more removed from the Plemora. Why? To watch it, learn from it, and use it to understand the universe we had, lived in, and loved, but destroyed.

P.S. Yes, Aeon Flux is Jesus and Sophia rolled in to one, and given an Uzi. The name is not a coincidence. I'll let you figure out who THAT Demiurge is. Here's a clue: Monica means singular and Aeon is an aspect agent of Monica.

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