demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Vehicle Recursion

My dream is to get a big assed RV. Huge! And behind that RV, I will tow a flat bed trailer. And on that flat bed, I will have an SUV. And in that SUV's cab, there will be a Volkswagen Beetle, and in that Beetle, there will be a tandem bicycle, and on the tandem, will be another bicycle, and on THAT bicycle, there will be a scooter, and on that scooter, there will be a skateboard, and on that skateboard, there will be platform shoes, so I can ride them all in style.

Right now, I only have my tandem bike crammed into my Toyota Camry, but I will one day live my dream! One day!

And the platform shoes? They will be mounted on top of rollerskates...from the 70's!

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