demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,


I have so much to post here, it's not even funny.

Next week is going to be computer hell week for me. I am moving my server off of debian and back to gentoo because I am sick of doing what someone else thought was a good idea. I've got the e-mail for hosted on google and I'm going to host my DNS shit else where so, in the future, I will have much less "give a shit" for what goes on on my server. The security that debian offers is no longer important to me.

Also, I'm going to subject myself to Microsoft Vista RC1 for a while just so I can learn it inside and out and confidently put it on my resume.

Then I have to help my aunt with her future computer and internet purchases. I should just tell her what she's getting: "Yer getting an iMac and liking it" but we'll see.

Then I'm sposta help my cousin with a websight for some property. Ugh.

Finally, I have to help BRAF with data entry. SUCK!

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