July 1st, 2006


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I just got an invitation to to Stanford Hospital's Trauma Survivor Reunion.

It's Aug 25th. I'll be in the middle of the desert with lots of hippies...

...thanks to Stanford...

I think the best thanks I could give them is to party my ass off, and tell them about it. "Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful" Thank-You-letter.

How sweet is this?

Spending July 4th with my dego family. Who should be playing world cup? Who else but Dego Land? Against none other than the Sour Krauts.

Awww, the two poles of European life style. We have German precision on one side, Italian passion on the other. Bratwurst vs. Salami. BMW vs. Ferrari (and Fiat.) Polka vs. Tarantella. Women with hairy armpits vs. women with hairy chins. Men with bad tempers vs. men with short tempers. What's the difference? Who fucking knows?!

If Italy loses, we'll blame it on the players not having had their siestas. We'll go home, make love to our wives, and then root against the French, because they eat snails. (In Italian class, I was taught that, in arguments about who's cuisine is better, Italians always win, by default, because we use the snail defense.)