July 5th, 2006


France's Les Bleus vs. the Italian Azzurri

In the blue corner, standing 100 snails tall, and weighing at 200 tins of caviar, FRANCE IN THE PANTS FRENCHY!

And in the blue corning, standing 200 gnocchi tall, and weighing in at 28 prosciutti, LA BEL'ITALIA!

You know, if I could be anywhere in the world, at any time in the world, it would be at the pre game tailgate party outside the stadium, while French and Italian fans cook themselves into oblivion.

Can you imaging the smells?... Could you imagine the tastes?... Could you imagine thousands and thousands of Fiat and Peugeot fulls of food processed by that much love for cuisine?

If ever there will be a heaven on earth, it will be in the parking lot before "Sunday night's matchup of blue."

You know, I bet North Beach will be TEH BOMB on Sunday. Must plan.

Garbage In, Garden Out!

You know you're working at a cool place when your boss greets you to your first day of work with a hug.

That's right folks, I am officially being exploited for my willingness to work for no money, I repeat, no money, by the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

The purpose? Scrap Eden, where we turn a ton of shit in to a shit ton of art. An entire FIELD of art. A forrest, a jungle, an orchard of art.

The idea is to find artists and communities and dorks with nothing better to do, motivate them to make pieces of art out of pieces of trash, and take these pieces and install them at BurningMan 2006!

But that is just the Pilot! BRAF isn't about giving grants to burningman artists, BRAF is about bringing the style of art one might find at teh man, and displaying that art in to communities.

Here, we hope to get communities to build their own pieces all over the world.

It's ambitious, I know, but all I have to do is worry about the next 5.5 weeks...

...and we have SOOOOOO much work ahead of us.

If any of you are interested in making sculptures of trash, no matter how far away you are, tell me about it. We'll make it happen.

Uncle Fro wants YOOOOOOOOOUUUU! To make a trashy tree!