July 9th, 2006



So there I was, tuned in to Radio BBC 5, ready for some hot Italy on France action, when *poof* the game disappears. Instead, I get to listen how contractual obligations disallow them to broadcast their radio coverage of this event on-line.

I scour the net looking for fucking ANYTHING. I can find shit.

An hour goes by, I still have fucking nothing. I even busted out my clock radio and scanned the airwaves for something, anything... nothing.

Basically, the only thing I can do to enjoy the game at all is get ESPN... That means I need to get the cable guys out here and, oh yeah, a FUCKING TV, in the next 30 minutes. Fucking bullshit.

What contractual obligation is keeping an international broadcast company from broadcasting an international event to an international audience? What, they can't find any international companies that want to buy international air time?

Suddenly, I'm glad this has happened. I hate spectator sports. I almost forgot that it's not about national pride, athletic ability, strategic prowess, or the fucking fans, it's about MONEY... MONEY MONEY MONEY.