July 21st, 2006


Thinking outside the bizox

Blogging is interesting. How it changes how ones views life, from the perspective of one living it to the perspective of one writing about living it, changes how ones internal dialog flows.

One, of course, being me.

So I just got a new haircut. It's my first haircut in 15 years. This makes a wholly unremarkable event deep and profound, I suppose, in the eyes of the every day blogger. During the walk to and the actual rare event, I thought about how I was going blog about it. During the walk home, I was stricken by what I saw in the mirror, and revised the entire blog entry in my head.

Then I realized what I was doing, I was compiling my thoughts in an easy to digest way, or in a clever way.

I realized that I don't do this only for the thoughts I've written about, oh no! I do this for everything I do! It's changed my perspective on life from my own to YOURS (that's right, YOU!!!!!!!)

Excited by this new discovery, I attempted to contemplate the contemplation of my thought process (which is, in essence, what I am doing now) and then I considered the contemplation of the contemplation of the contemplation, but decided I'll need some serious drugs in me before I can do that.

The mind, the mind is such an infinitely adaptable device that such an evolution can occur merely at the invention of a tool.