demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Fro Status

So, much has happened since my last post. Including, not moments after I posted from Lovefest, my lovely lovely bike getting ripped off and fucking up the fung schwing of my life. I've got three classes, Precalc, Intro to Engineering, and Intro to Game Design. Of which all of had rockey starts.

Precalc: After two weeks, I've finally got a book (from Amazon, not the book store)
Eng20: I am convinced that engineers can't teach themselves out of a wet paper bag. I still have no idea what the instructors want. I just show up with my lose interpretation of what the assignment was sposta be.
Game stuff: So, like, we're using a program called "Game maker" which is as exciting as making vegan tofu out of meat products. I spose some would find that interesting, but not me.

Out side of school, I am working on getting a job (Internship more like) at which is essentially a huge toy box for geeks of any stripe. I am also working on a project were I make a bunch of huge onions out of fiberglass for use as funky shelters at burning man. I'm going to an international affairs seminar at stanford tomorrow, and then a "Sunday Of Slack" at some burner friends.

Lots of food randomness as well. I'm going to make red, white and green lasagna (italian flag) for my cousin's cook book as well as something like red, white and green lazzania with chicken in the middle and mexican materials and flavors for a mexican flag lasagna (mexican flag is like the italian flag, but with a bird in the middle.)

Other fun shit as well, but I need to get away from this damn thing.

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