demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Two Rad Dishes and a Microphone

Busy f'n week.

Last Friday was good. I had crazy dreams. After Blues Dancing, I had to drive to Stockton, CA at some awful hour in the morning. I'd taken a huge Trig test, run to the Burning Man office to talk about volunteering, watched the unveiling for Passage, and danced my ass off. I couldn't make it the 90+ miles to Stockton, so I pulled over at the peak of the Altimont Pass for a nap.

I dreamed about calculating the trigonometric functions of dancing on the Playa. I woke up hours later with a huge headache.

I'll mention in passing that last weekend was filled with family. No shock there, f'n fathers day and shit. Did get two Satelite Dishes while I was at it. They're going to be an integral part of my orbital death ray platform.

I've been leading a study group for Trig, which occupies about 8 hours a week. Monday's session was uneventful, but during yesterday's session I had to keep the militant rightwing nut job from clobbering our Finnish student for questioning Bush's foreign policy. I was able to prevent all sundry of sharp objects from flying and avoid yet another international incident caused by short sighted republicans. Maybe I should consider a diplomatic persuit instead of electronic engineering. Either that or maybe I can finally bring to rest the conflict between VI and EMACS users in the EE field.

Yesterday I found out I aced my last Trig test. My score was near perfect, the next guy got a low B. I have the highest grade in my Trig class. I'm leading by a large margin and my grade is setting the curve. I am wondering if I should bomb the final so the rest of my class has a chance.

I've got 2 books to read and 3 essays to write or prepare for my English class. Found out, yesterday, that the 8 page research paper that required two weeks of reading won't be given a grade since 80% of our class plagiarized and, because of this, the instructor is claiming responsibility. That's fine and dandy, but I worked my ass off, where's MY luv?

Also biked about 50 miles yesterday. Was collecting materials for a fun wireless project I'm working on. (Details later!) I got just about everything but my efforts made me too late and too sweaty for my Lindy Hop class. (I wouldn't want to touch a person drenched in 50 miles of sweat, I am sure most people feel the same.) I went to the lesson and watched. The people who are slowly becoming my friends kept giving my concerned looks. I'll have to dance twice as hard next week so they don't think anything of it. It's too bad, too. We learned lots of fun looking Charelston moves yesterday, and now my honkey ass won't have the feel for them next week.

Playing with powertools today. As much as I love my Dremel, I am pushing the envelope of what it can do for me. I've gone through more bits and cutting disks today than I have in the rest of my life. Anyone have a band-saw I can use? Seriously, I need me some band-saw luv'n.

Have friends from Sac coming down for Gay Pride. I think we're going dancing Friday or maybe just various Pride activities. This weekend is up in the air. Details are fuzzy, like me.

We'll have a gay old time!

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