demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

You Sunk My BidetShip!


Are a New Jersey Roach on a pleasure cruise of the world. You weigh anchor in a bottle of Cognac in Paris and wake up, cruise ship and all, in a French bidet. While trying to find your way out, a small French child notices your boat and mistakes it for a toy. Can you and your ship survive long enough for the child to get bored and go away?

Welcome to the game of BIDETSHIP!

Ok, because too many of you (Noodle!) fail to applicate me just on my depravity alone, I will explain:

I am taking a dumb "game development" class. It's retarded. I thought I'd actually have to work hard, but after seeing what I've done and what others have come up with, I've started to take this class less seriously...

...far less seriously.

Our Miderm Assignment is to remake the world's first videogame SpaceWar. In addition to that, I need to make a backstory for the game.

What? Tell me the story of SpaceWar! Two rockets enter, one rocket leaves? BS!

So, I got jiggy with it and made something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike SpaceWar.

Dig it!

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