demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

General Froisms

Blackbox : Anything that one lacks sufficient knowledge of to understand. Usually used to refer to a gap in understanding that prevents one from learning beyond said Blackbox. An example, not understanding how to use Pi would cripple learning of trig functions, thus making Pi a huge blackbox.

Moment of Gnosis : Much like an epiphany, a "Moment of Gnosis" is an a momentary state of being inspired by understanding. Unlike an epiphany, where one is granted, from nowhere, a resolution to a quandary, a "Moment of Gnosis" is when one makes an enlightening leap from many areas of ones experience to a single unifying understanding. An example would be, after mig welding for 3 days straight, one begins to see the process of stir-frying in a whole new light.

Moment of Dumbass : The inspired and enlightened comprehension of something entirely too obvious. An example would be, after decreasing the amount of oils and fats in ones cooking for a year, one begins to wonder where all the nummy-nummy sauce has gone.

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