demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Walnuts: natures anti-hunger pill

So, I read an article (paper) on using walnuts to reduce hunger pains. Where yer hungry, pop-a-nut, wait 20 minutes.  I've done this for a while with almonds (I'm an almond junkie) but apparently walnuts, specifically, have some compound that counters hunger hormones.

So, those who wish to reduce the radii around our rumps, here's a method.

Situation 1: Hungry, but not near meal time
  1. Pop-a-nut
  2. Wait 20 minutes
  3. Pop-a-nut
  4. Wait 20 minutes
  5. Repeat until you forget because you are no longer hungry
Usually that kills anything but marijuana induced munchies (er, um, or so I hear ;-)

Situation 2: Meal time

It's almost dinner and you are almost ready to cook.  Here's what you do:
  1. Twenty minutes before you start cooking, pop-a-nut (you'll be less hungry when you cook, so you may cook less)
  2. When you start cooking, pop-a-nut (you'll then eat less when it's time for dinner)
  3. When you are about to eat your meal, pop-a-nut (you'll be less likely to go for seconds)
  4. When you are done eating, pop-a-nut (just for good, nummy measure)
What's the worst that can happen?  You get your daily dose of all sorts of good shit found in high concentrations in walnuts.  That, and you get sore from pop'n so many... you know... ya.

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