demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Burn, baby, burn!

Teaching a class at Techshop for Valentine's day. I'll be teaching couples how to etch chocolate with a laser cutter.

Basically, it will be a "two for one" deal where people learn to use the laser cutter while writing dorky little nothings to each other in chocolate.

I tried also cutting chocolate, but it doesn't really work. Ya kinda have to burn something to cut something with a laser, and while I can easily cut through chocolate, it doesn't taste very good afterwards. Though, I found that if I put the laser out of focus, on high, I can kinda, sorta, maybe melt a chocolate blob into an amorphous shape. Kinda like etching inscriptions on a grain of rice with a hammer. Not the typical laser precision one normally expects from a laser cutter.

The chocolate laser etching is awesome. The chocolate darkens and becomes glossy, witch gives a nice effect.

I made some samples for my math professors. They say "π=3". I found the best way to piss off a math professor is abuse of significant digits.

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