demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

RC Cars

Such a manly hobby. Often partaken by manly men who hold the likes of Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, or the late Dale Earnhardt in high esteem. Down home guys who render real NASCAR racing machines, with perfect attention to detail, in 10th scale form. Men who, if they can't afford their dream truck in real life, make a tiny model to fill the void left by dashed dreams. Horribly masculine men, so manly, they eat their steaks burnt to a crisp and smothered in gravy made from the blood of baby seals.

Then, there's me:

That's right, I painted that bastich like a Lady Bug. If I had a million dollars, I'd spend it all restoring a real but with the same damn paintjob.

And then there is hikahi who spent the better part of a weekend tearing down, scrubbing, and rebuilding a horribly grimy, 20 year old RC-10. She did such a fantastic job, I had to choke back tears at seeing a "brand new" dream machine from my youth.

No self respecting manly man would polish old, yellowed nylon until it shined whiter than a tooth paste model's teeth under a black light.

She has a 10th scale 50's Panel Truck body to mount on it. I've tried to convince her to paint it like a See's Candies delivery truck:

because, damn it! Nothing's tougher than a chick who shows up at the race driving a See's Candies truck against NASCAR wanna be's!

Of course, neither of us will be racing. We're just playing with precision made, high quality, racing machines and doing things with them than shouldn't be done.

For those who care about RC cars. My ride isn't for sale in any store. It is a Frankenstein combination of components from 3 or more out of production cars. To be specific, one Outlaw Rampage, one RS4 MT, and one, of all things, on road RS4 Pro2. In fact, it's mainly the RS4 Pro2 with suspension pieces from the MT and the Rampage.

I spent a great deal of time making the perfect high speed, 4WD, electric truggy, a class of cars that, otherwise, doesn't exist.

It's equipped with a power plant that delivers over 1HP at a maximum of 65,000 RPM. At this scale, that's more power than the car can handle so I spend most of my time at half or less throttle. In a world where simple math ruled, this car has a theoretical top speed of over 80MPH in it's present configuration. With a little more tweaking, I might actually be able to reach that, but in all likeliness, it would break first.

I haven't tested it's practical limits because I have had a body. The body is the armor and, without it, a full speed crash would blow my car to pieces. Now that I do... ITS ON!

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