demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,


It dawned on me what I love about comics and cartoons.

Comics is an artform that is, for the most part, viewed by the consumer in it's perfection...

...the process of making a comic is full of trial and error, mistakes, techniques, and processes that get lost in publication.

The consumer never witnesses the magic because the magic is making the artform appear unmagical.

It reminded me so much of engineering, but I didn't see it.

Comics and cartoons are an engineered artform. I means to take a message and process it to be easily grasped by the world at large.

Again, it's late, and I'm babeling about comics. I should be talking about the wonderful time I just had hanging out with friends from a distant past, and making new friends in the SF tranny march.

However, I'll talk about that tomarrow when I have more time and can do the subject justice.

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