demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

A in Calc 1A!

Damn, that was a lot of work!

I had to pull an A out of a D. Yes, that's right; a D!

See, the first mid term I took this quarter, I flunked. I flunked not because I didn't posses the knowledge to do the test; it was easy. I flunked because I had a midlife crisis right then, there, in the class room.

Over the past few quarters, I have been taking fewer and fewer classes and doing more and more volunteer work. The last quarter, I had one class, my internship at NASA Ames, and I continued to work at Techshop. The midterm in question was February 13th. February 13th was when I had the Techshop Valentines Day, Laser Etched Chocolate Class.

Unbeknownst to ya'll, Techshop had been in the middle of WW3 between the owners during that time. I had been trying to hold things together by playing neutral party to everyone, working twice as hard so, no matter who I was doing jobs for, boss1 or boss2, both were satisfied. Techshop was getting closer and closer to oblivion, and only getting tons of money would save them.

So I hatched a "class" that was really just an event to attract more members. All I wanted was to get people to come in and have a fun time, and hopefully get hooked.

Instead, what I got was a battle of the owners until the bitter end, and at 1:30pm, February 13th, when I should have been taking a midterm, I was stressing out over the class that night...

...which was an utter disaster. We had all sorts of new people as well as existing members taking my class to make valentines, but the class was cut short by one of the bosses just when people were finishing up with their designs. That's right, $30 per couple, two hours of art lessons by ShBella and I, pains taking effort from our students, members, and friends, and NOONE got to laser etch any chocolate!

This was the straw that broke the camel's back. As the bosses clashed over this incident, I gave up, stopped worrying about it all, and returned my focus to school.

Said boss is now gone, and the community celebrated by giving Techshop the cash injection they needed to stay afloat. Techshop lives on partially thanks to the train wreck that was my Valentines Day Class. Had my class not been, there would have been a stalemate to the bitter end.

Focus restored, I had to redouble my efforts to pull a passing score out of the quarter. I had to score so well in class that the midterm would be erased from my record. Thankfully my instructor had such measures designed in to her class; score better on the final than a single midterm, and the final's grade replaces that lowest midterm. While it wouldn't be hard to score better on my final, the first midterm was far easier than the final, so I missed my turn on to easy street. That means I had to nail every quiz, every midterm, and score VERY well on the final to accurately show the world what I was made of.

Well, I scored the highest on the final in my class. That is the third quarter in a row.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to curl up and least until next quarter.

Update: Just so we're clear, if I ever have to work that hard again, I'm going to don cement boots and swan dive in to a bottomless pit of raw sewage.

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