demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Tran station

So, yesterday, I should have been at school, but instead, I cut and went to SF for the Tranny march.

I didn't know how I was going to get there, I had a map from 4th and King (Caltrain, end of line) to Dolores Park. I stood at the Redwood City Caltrain station with half a clue.

*queue romantic music*
That's when I saw her. She was flustered, poor thing. On the phone madly trying to find help. Help getting to Dolores park...
*queue sound of needle scratching off the record*

Ok, I knew she was a tranny, but train stations are always such perfect places for romantic scenes, I couldn't resist!

Anyway, after she got off the phone, I approached and revealed that we shared our destination. She turned from flustered to elated.

Like that, we started talking about the Tranny event. She was actually doing stage work and I was just going to meet friends.

She had the other half of the plan. 22nd street exit. She was told that 22nd street was a bad part of town and was going to avoid it, but she felt fine now that I was around (Er, if you think I'm tough lady, you're in for a suprise.)

We shared the train ride and talked about psychology (her trade,) food, SF, midwest, burning man, and other miscellaneous shit.

We got to 22nd street and hiked our asses to Dolores part. Bad part of town my ass! We laughed. Yes, that way was shorter, but it was 3 miles, uphill, both ways, in the snow, in the sweltering, San Francisco, June heat.

We finally got there, exchanged addresses (don't get any idea's...

...she's taken...

...and I'm a breeder. You know that!) And I caught up with my friend (hrm, should I stick with food theme? Why not) "Garlic." (Long story.)

We hadn't hung out in, oh, maybe ten years. Had lots of catching up to do. I met her boyfriend and a bunch of other people they were with. We watched the concert. I spent most of the time people watching.

The concert had, of all things, sign language interpreters. I watched one sign lyrics for a tranny punk band. She was getting down and dancing, complete with facial expressions as she signed. During the chorus, she gestured "COME ON!" to the people she was signing for and clapped instead of signed. I could only imaging a large group of deaf people signing the chorus in a mosh pit for the aurally impaired.

Sorry, I can't help finding that amusing. I'm glad they had it though. I can't imagine how hard it must be to enjoy a concert if you can't hear :-/

The last thing I remember about the concert was, the tranny singer wasn't wearing any panties. She demanded panties. So the presenter dropped her drawers, exposing that she had, infact, had surgery. The presenter gave her panties to the singer, who twirled them around her finger and shot them in to the audience.

Yes, that's right, hot tranny action, live and on stage.

Shortly there after, we marched (more like a slow mosey) from Dolores to the Civic center.

Garlic and I talked and we entertained her boyfriend with stories from our distant past. Garlic and I get along a lot better now.

After we got to civic center, we split and went dancing. Along the way, more nostalgia, including lots of history from Garlic and her boyfriend. We only danced for a short while. Garlic tried to get her boyfriend to dance with me. I asked if he wanted to lead or follow, he turned beat red as Garlic pressured him. I smiled and said I wouldn't let Garlic force him, and then called Garlic a pervert for trying to actualize her fantasies.

Danced with Garlic for a song (actually, until my legs got tired, I walked too much yesterday) and then we left and walked to their car.

Along the way we stopped at a fetish shop. Lots of leather. While they shopped, I looked for a belt (lost enough waist that my pants were falling down all day.) We left empty handed, shared more stories, drove to Denny's by my place, more stories along the way, more stories at Denny's. They dropped me off at home. Soon, I was out.

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