demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

I am quite looking forward... not having cats.

My roommate has decided to take all three cats, including the one that is officially "mine."

She's right, the cats need each other, and pet ownership is all about the pets, not the owner (in my mind, at least.)

Thus, I will once again be pussy free.

Which is good. I've kinda become anti-pet over the years. As I've watch my friends suffer tons of heart break or financial burden, even over pets that are not their own, I have begun to realize that there are far better "sinks" for my money and my resources.

I have vowed that if I ever feel like nurturing animals, I will adopt a Hyena... spending $40 a month (about the cost of one cat in these parts) on protecting the African Savanna.

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