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Kryptonite Discovered! - demi0urgos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kryptonite Discovered! [Apr. 24th, 2007|08:46 am]
This is serious.  A naturally occurring compound matching the make up described as Kryptonite, (sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide) was discovered in a Serbian mine.

The researcher has said this about the material, "I'm afraid it's not green and it doesn't glow either — although it will react to ultraviolet light by fluorescing a pinkish-orange"

This has lead to speculation that what Lex Luther actually found was PINK Kryptonite and that the effects on Superman (or any other Kryptonian) would be that it would make them gay, and only at raves (or otherwise exposed to massive amounts of UV light.)

Thus, this form of Kryptonite has been classified as "Emo-tonium Kryptonite."

Lex Luther is rumored to be heard scheming, "If the man of steel hung out in SF, I'd bet 'Pink Kryptonie' rings would sell like hot cakes on the Castro!"

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I always wondered about the upside-down triangle emblem.

Why yes, I am a sick puppy.