demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

New Years Resolution

Yeah, yeah, years was 2 months ago... I swear, that's how far behind I am with everything.

My new years resolution is this, "I will not write another bash or batch script for an entire year. Instead, I will write everything in python."

Why? I know bash, I know batch, better than GOD. I don't know python very well but it's like this shiny thing that I've always wanted but never let myself have. I've played with it when ever there is something bash or batch couldn't...or shouldn', but I've never have enough time to just dive in to it and own it. Well, I write scripts all day long, might as well sacrifice some time from that to do something I want.

Frankly, I've been bored by the lack of challenges NASA has been presenting me with lately, so I spose challenging myself will be a good start.

Why yes... yes, that is the world's nerdiest resolution... But if you think that's nerdy, check out my first YouTube video!


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