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E-mail asking for permission to get married at "MAKER Faire"

Hello Sherry!

My fiancee and I are Neverwas Haul crew.  She's also the "Salmon costume" lady and I am one of the many minions from TechShop, Orb Swarm, Black Rock Arts Foundation, Burning Man, NASA Ames, Steampunk Tree House, Scrap Eden, Yuri's Night 2007, and on and on and on.

Last year at Burning Man, I proposed to her.  I attached the story below so you could see just how important the Neverwas Haul is in our relationship.

We would like to make a short event with the Neverwas Haul where we are married on the balcony of the never was haul.  We pretty much have the nod from our group so we're ready to ask MAKE.  We don't mind it being a spectator event at all.  All we ask is that we have ample room for family during the ceremony.  Additionally, I would like to inquire about bulk ticket rates so that I can include tickets with the invitations I send.

The Ceremony should only be a few minutes.  Ten Max.

Let me know what we must do and I will see that it gets done.

Thank you very much!

Story time:

It was a beautiful night.  The Steam Punk party was raging.  The Neverwas Haul was towed to the Steampunk Tree House by a steam powered tractor.  There were hundreds of people in Victorian garb.

She was working the door at on the Never Was Haul, parked 200 feet from the Steampunk Tree House.

Between these two beautiful works of art sat the tractor, belching steam and wood smoke into the air.

Several sound systems punched the air with competing brands of noise.

I climbed the tree house, I ran to the balcony overlooking the Neverwas Haul.  I could not see it because of the smoke filling the air!

I yelled her name over the din, "Hallie!  Hallie!" until I heard her reply.

For a moment, just a moment, the smoke parted, the steam cleared.

I bellowed with all my might, "Will you MARRY ME?!"

I saw her cute little face, wearing her cute little glasses and her cute little hat, drop it's cute little jaw moments before she yelled, "I will!"

I then climbed down the tree and ran through the crowed.

She ran through the crowd...

...and up the tree...

We played a lost lovers version of marco polo for the next 5 minutes.

When we found each other, we joined each other in love!

P.S.  I worked on the Steampunk Tree house because I knew it would be the perfect platform from which to propose.
P.P.S.  Before Burningman, Hallie asked me when I was going to hurry up and propose.  I asked her, "what do you think the answer is?"  She said, "You are probably waiting for the perfect moment to launch some spectacular surprise and sweep me off my feet...oh, but I shouldn't put that much pressure on you..."  Shouldn't, indeed!

P.P.P.S. Hallie atop the Neverwas Haul

P.P.P.P.S. The Steampunk Treehouse in all it's glory!

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P.P.P.P.P.D. KSW Steam Tractor

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