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How to Convert from One Milo Ton to other units of mass

kilogram [kg]:5.043947154
gram [g]:5043.9471544
exagram [Eg]:5.043947154e-15
petagram [Pg]:5.043947154e-12
teragram [Tg]:0.000000005
gigagram [Gg]:0.000005044
megagram [Mg]:0.005043947
hectogram [hg]:50.439471544
dekagram [dag]:504.39471544
decigram [dg]:50439.471544
centigram [cg]:504394.71544
milligram [mg]:5043947.1544
microgram [µg]:5043947154.4
nanogram [ng]:5.043947154e+12
picogram [pg]:5.043947154e+15
femtogram [fg]:5.043947154e+18
attogram [ag]:5.043947154e+21
kilogram-force square second/meter:0.514339469
kilopound [kip]:0.01112
pound-force square second/foot:0.345620166
pound [lb]:11.12
pound (troy or apothecary):13.513888889
ounce [oz]:177.92
ounce (troy or apothecary):162.166666667
poundal [pdl]:358.064
ton (short) [ton (US), t (short), ton]:0.00556
ton (long) [ton (UK), t (long)]:0.004964286
ton (assay) (US) [AT (US), AT]:172.935311244
ton (assay) (UK) [AT (UK)]:154.406545543
ton (metric) [t]:0.005043947
kiloton (metric) [kt]:0.000005044
quintal (metric) [cwt]:0.050439472
hundredweight (US):0.1112
hundredweight (UK):0.099285714
quarter (US) [qr (US)]:0.4448
quarter (UK) [qr (UK)]:0.397142857
stone (US):0.8896
stone (UK):0.794285714
tonne [t]:0.005043947
pennyweight [pwt]:3243.333333325
scruple (apothecary) [s.ap]:3891.99999999
carat [car, ct]:25219.735772
grain [gr]:77839.999999791
talent (Biblical Hebrew):0.147483835
mina (Biblical Hebrew):8.849030095
shekel (Biblical Hebrew):442.451504772
bekan (Biblical Hebrew):884.903009544
gerah (Biblical Hebrew):8849.030095439
talent (Biblical Greek):0.247252311
mina (Biblical Greek):14.835138689
tetradrachma (Biblical Greek):370.878467235
didrachma (Biblical Greek):741.756934471
drachma (Biblical Greek):1483.513868941
denarius (Biblical Roman):1310.116144
assarion (Biblical Roman):20961.858304
quadrans (Biblical Roman):83847.433216
lepton (Biblical Roman):167694.866432
Planck mass:231723433.73256
Atomic mass unit [u]:3.037533903e+27
Electron mass (rest):5.537085711e+30
Muon mass:2.677918549e+28
Proton mass:3.015590993e+27
Neutron mass:3.011440102e+27
Deuteron mass:1.508544166e+27
Earth's mass:8.44033995e-25
Sun's mass:2.521973577e-30

I take great joy knowing that my child has, at least, 3891.99999999 Scruples.

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