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I give up

This is the primitive mock up and not the detailed, part based model I began working on. Both screens are touch screens, with the bottom screen being the primary interface (which would slide over the top screen in tablet mode.) Because it was a screen, we could explore alternative interfaces, even dynamic ones, for students that had not yet learned the QWERTY keyboard, or even words, using pictographsI, for almost a year, have been working on a super secret, benevolent project that has now, officially, sat on it's ass too long. I have watched our niche get swallowed up, and all because of the inaction, arrogance, and greed of our CEO, key members of the R&D team, and everyone but a handful of crusaders. We were designing a tablet based education system that encompassed it all:

  • hardware

  • infrastructure

  • curriculum

  • social networking aspects for students to work together

  • social networking aspects for teachers to collaborate with peers across the world on lessons and curriculum

  • e-books (duh!)

  • Parity between public and home-school styles of education

  • 3G, because Internet is sill not as ubiquitous in American Homes

  • 3G Pico-cells at schools to reduce the cost and dependence on phone companies during class hours

  • uninterruptible web applications using caching mechanisms like Google Gears for seamless on-line/off-line functionality

  • Touch-screen interfaces that allow children of all ages to communicate with words keyboards (demonstrable!)

  • Commerce opportunities for instructors to sell, buy, or trade classroom materials

  • Software Revision Inspired texts, lessons, classwork, for publishers, teachers, and students! (How usefully would it be to interactively edit an essay with your instructor and peers?)

And so much more! The hardware alone was full of innovation and promise and I haven't begun to list it's boring details.

And this brings me to the point of this note, e-mail, blog post, or however you got here:
We cannot trust a single company with the fate of our children. We cannot let a body of greedy, self-interested vampires run the show. We need to protect our childrens' fate from being controlled by the interests of a company...because even the best meaning company can fail, and we can't afford to let a failing company, or a greed company, take education down with it.
Alas, how do we do this? I haven't a clue, but I am looking for people who do, so I can give to them my large bag of intellectual property in the hopes that it will reach and teach the people of the world.

So now what? Well, I build up a portfolio around the work I have done here, lick my wounds, and get 

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