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My god, I think my IQ just dropped sharply watching ICP's "Miracles" video. I love watching videos about people exclaiming the virtues of of concepts they wouldn't even be aware of were it not for 10,000+ years of scientific exploration by man, then saying that these concepts do not require any explanation from "a Mutha Fuck'n Scientist." Can someone show these people Wikipedia, please?

But just because I am feeling charitable, lets discuss how we came to know many of these concepts:
  • "Oceans expand beyond my sight" - We thought they did end at our sight until Early Greek philosophers alluded to a "Spherical Earth" as early as 600BC 
  • "Stars" "sun and the moon" "Mars, Milky Way" If you're OK with stars just being dots in the sky and not wondrous, dynamic, explosive, life giving machines, then, sure, you can ignore the fact that astronomy is one of the oldest sciences.
  • "7 seas" describes the trade route from Europe to China, knowledge provided to us, the reader, by the science "Etymology
  • Stuff underwater? We wouldn't know about a fraction of it without marine biologists.
  • "Hot lava, snow, rain and fog" "Solar eclipse, and vicious weather" scared the shit out of people until "science" illuminated them as natural and reoccurring events
  • "Long neck giraffes" would be totally alien to us if we didn't have biology and veterinary science to thank for for bringing them closer
  • "pet cats and dogs" are the result of 10,000 years of domestication and selective breeding, scientific processes
  • "eighty-five thousand people all in one room" - thank the scientists and engineers who made that safe and made your music loud
  • "together as equals" - Thank Thomas Jefferson, for his philosophical and historical knowledge which helped create our wonderful "American experiment in liberty"
  • "Birth of my kids" - You wouldn't know they were yours without deductions made 10,000+ years ago
  • "Music" can be seen, actually. You probably used visualizers to help mix this very song. And you can hold it, your music is right here in my laptop, right now. I'm holding it. Oh, and Pythagoras, the Greek from your geometry class? He's the father of modern musical scales; the standard language of music. So you can hold all the music IN THE WORLD right in your guitar.
  • "Water, fire, air and dirt" Classical element
  • "taking nothing for granted" except science, apperently
  • "Shaggy's little boys look just like Shaggy, And my little boy looks just like daddy" Trust me, that's not a miracle, that's a curse.

Why take the time to explain away these miracles with science? We aren't. We are exploring these wonders. We are taking what we see and looking deeper and further in to find out what EVEN COOLER stuff we can find. If you think this song is full of miracles...start there, and then dig deeper. The miracles do not stop, they simply take an inquisitive, open, and rational mind to see them.

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