demi0urgos (demi0urgos) wrote,

Is the earth not alive? If you prick it, does it not bleed?

I am hopeful about the oil-spill. I think it is the wakeup call we need to keep from becoming further intoxicated with the idea that the solution to the fuel crisis is continued ignorance. Yes, there is horrible loss of life, but a FRACTION of the loss that might be avoiding if we learn from this and hasten our rehabilitation from oil.

Already, The Governator responded appropriately. Obama is back peddling on caving to republican requests for offshore oil drilling. Congress is upping the liability to oil companies. It's a good thing. This is a very good thing.

I am not ignorant or unmoved by the losses, but I believe it is a sacrifice the earth must accept. I believe that life is here on this earth for the chance to SURVIVE the earth and emerge from the earth like we once emerged from the sea. I believe that every living thing, like cells and organs, are working toward this end; toward having ONE of us escape and thrive.

This small sacrifice of life, in the end, is making us more intelligent, more efficient, and more likely to achieve this goal.

I certainly would not desire being covered in oil, washed up on a beach, bound by sludge, and left to contemplate the remainder of my short life; I would not want this to be the fate for my progeny or for my entire species, but I would be eternally grateful if a lesson was learned and a grimmer fate, for all, was avoided.

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