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Do you realize that, in our life times, in my son's life time, HELL, in the past 6 months, we have become interstellar travelers? That, one day, we woke up, and our status as confined to our insignificant region of space CHANGED! And with every passing second, our piece of the universe grows by 15 kilometers!

We as a species,and thanks to all the plants and animals that make our lives possible and planet livable, our whole planet in concert and every organism on it, we are now interstellar life. True, we may never out run our transmissions, but now we have eyes on the outside of our solar systems. We are sensing...we are feeling...interstellar space.

Every success, and every failure, and every bit of luck, and every environmental influence, that every organism ever alive on our planet has felt or made has brought us to this amazing achievement. Though no greater an achievement than the first life that escaped our oceans and grew on land, this achievement, which is a million orders of magnitude larger in scale (and growing) is a testament to everything we have ever done right.

Each mutation, each generation, each evolution, each extinction, each choice, each chance, ALL of it, has gotten us here.

And each wrong choice and missed chance that keeps us from chasing this success is dooming us to an eternity of confinement on this fragile, forgotten rock. A rock we are destroying with greater effect every day.

We have people in power who believe, who insist, that we are powerless against the will of God. Powerless against a being noone has ever seen. A being that is given credit for everything. A being that will eventually usher us to an insignificant fate during some preordained disaster, rewarding the do-nothings and punishing those who dragged the rest of us forward. These people believe that do-somethings are pawns of the devil. That we are completely evil for trying to pull us up to the stars. That we are playing God.

This fate, that we cannot escape, how does it affect Voyager 1? Will Voyager 1 carry on after the earth has been destroyed? Will it evaporate along with every other trace of humanity? Will the universe, itself, cease to be? Will our message sail on through out eternity, or will all evidence of life be erased for the vanity of one, intangible being?

Wouldn't you do nothing if this is all you had to hope for? Wouldn't you wallow in self loathing if you were so hated by your creator that he would make all of your achievements disappear? Wouldn't you sew death and destruction in his name just to be remembered, proven worthy by this being? Wouldn't you consume every resource to pay him homage, just to be acknowledged? Wouldn't you suck the essence of life, every joule, btu, volt, amp, watt, hp, calorie...just to say, "Love me as much as I love you!"?

And, in doing so, destroying all of our chances, all of our choices, all of our successes and failures, all of our defeats and achievements...every hope we had of escaping this isolated rocky oasis that we are turning in to our tomb.

My life is delicate. My life is short. I do not fear death because I have lived well and seen much and have so much to be proud of and so many friends I admire and who have raised me up out of the dangerous rocky shores and on to dry land to spend my life with theirs. And I have created life, a life that excites me more than my own, and means more to me that my own, and that I will brave every pain of death to see live in a better and more exciting world than mine before I left it.

And to know that it will be destroyed and washed away by the do-nothings who quake in fear of something they will never see. The people who are burying the potential of our world in their fool superstitions.

Our every hope rides on the back of Voyager 1. It may be the only piece of humanity to ever breech the infinite reaches of space. It may be the only piece of culture that pulses through the eons in the quietness of space. It may die in a day, it may never meet another being ever again. It may never be acknowledged by another organism, ever again.

Or maybe it, too, will be greeted by God, and be recorded for eternity as the single greatest achievement from the beings of planet earth.

I hope I never find out the answer. I hope the children of the future will over take Voyager, one day. Maybe even over take the signals we have been transmitting for over a century.

And it will not be done by the will of any God the people on earth follow.

The people in power who follow God are destroying humanity day by day. With the courage of their convictions, they stand in the way of scientists and engineers and entrepreneurs and innovators. They do not have the vision to see past their own demise. They do not plan for a future where humanity flourishes, they plan for a future where humanity is destroyed.

This. This is how our society is measured. By the people who are waiting for it to be destroyed. No one with such a defeatist perspective should be in power. They are wastes of flesh and should be sent packing back to church where their like minded do-nothings reside.

They stand in the way of Humanity's destiny. And I cannot imagine a God who would give us such powerful faculties who would wish us to dwell on a decaying rock, to be ourselves.

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